How does the level system work?

Every time you collect crypto-coins in this faucet, you earn experience to level up. Each level you get you will have an extra bonus percentage on your next claims.

  • Every claim you will receive 4 Exp.

  • Every referral claim you will receive 1 Exp.

  • You will earn a bonus of 0.2% per level.

Can I use bot on this Faucet?

No, you can't use bot on this Faucet, if you try to use bot here, you will get banned!

  • You will get banned by our advanced algorithm called Bot Hunter.

  • Bots can destroy a faucet! If a faucet have bots, the faucet will start getting 0 of revenue.

Can I earn more if I invite my friends?

We have a Referral Program, which offers you a great opportunity to make extra money. You will receive commision from every player you refer.

  • Your will earn 25% of every claim they make.

  • This referral comission is forever.

  • This comission do not apply for miner.

Can i register my friends/families under my referral link on my computer?

No, you need to avoid using the same device or internet sources or you will get banned by the anti-fraud system.

  • Your will get banned permanently if you register your friend on your computer

  • If you are always using the same device or network of the other people, do not use referral link.

  • The ban only apply if you register on same network/device with your referral link.

Why this FAQ have few questions?

Because we don't know any other frequently asked question. Please send us a question!

  • Create a support ticket at the Support Tag and send us your question!