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Before you send an email message. Please read support terms and conditions as mentioned below.

  • You will not ask for free Coins or experience points in the support ticket.
  • Your message must be in ENGLISH, any other languages will be IGNORED.
  • You will not abuse or misbehave with the admin or moderators in any way. This could lead to ban of your account.
  • If you have a problem with a payout, then please mention the #ID of the payout as mentioned in the History page.
  • Your message must be understandable, not very short, messages like "Please fix", "Site not working", etc. will be ignored.
  • Do not ask us to refill any coin, we do that as soon as possible always.

If you do not follow instructions mention above, your message will simply be deleted without any reply, spamming messages with result in support ban or even account ban with all funds in it.

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